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Stonemason Salary in Australia

Stonemasons typically build stone structures, such as piers and walls. They also lay walkways and curbstones and build masonry for things like vats and tanks. Some also build and repair buildings from the ground up.

Some necessary skills are being able to mix and pour mortar and grout. They must be able to lay stone and marble according to the requested pattern. Knowledge of hand and power tools is necessary for smoothing and polishing various surfaces, drilling marble or stone holes, and installing anchor brackets. Repairing cracked or chipped areas, removing rough spots and defective spots, and using blowtorches is also part of the job. They must be able to lift heavy objects. Stonemasons should be in decent physical shape, as they will also be climbing ladders and poles and putting up scaffolding. Stonemasons must be able to read blueprints, technical drawings, and tape measures to get accurate measurements for the job. They should be able to determine the costs, materials, resources, and time required for the job.

Creativity, good problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills are favoured in this career, as stonemasons will deal with many different people daily. As far as education and experience go, most enter an apprenticeship program to learn the trade. They usually need to have around three years of experience in these programs to get a job. Some stonemasons also enrol in a more formal program, usually in a vocational school or a college.

Stonemasons cut and shape a range of hard and soft blocks in materials such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, bluestone and slate to produce stone monuments and structures. For example, they make kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities or may specialise in commercial stone facades, architectural features such as fireplaces and window frames, or ornamental garden pieces. They may also repair and maintain historical monuments or buildings.

In Western Australia, stonemasons work on residential and commercial projects and old buildings, churches and monuments throughout the State.

Job Description

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in erecting stone structures, such as piers, walls, and abutments and laying walks, curbstones, and other types of masonry. Performs duties as described under supervisor.

Stonemason Tasks

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  • Build outdoor structures using marble, stone, brick, and other materials.
  • Lift and carry heavy slabs of stone, marble, and brick.
  • Mix and pour cementing agents, such as mortar, concrete, and grout.
  • Follow installation instructions according to a blueprint.
  • Operate power equipment to cut, shape, and otherwise augment stone and marble before installation.
  • studying plans and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions and installation procedures
  • erecting and dismantling restricted height scaffolding
  • sealing foundations with damp-resistant materials and spreading layers of mortar to serve as base and binder for blocks using trowels
  • laying bricks in rows, designs and shapes, and spreading mortar between joints
  • embedding blocks in a mortar and removing excess mortar
  • checking vertical and horizontal alignment
  • cutting, shaping and polishing stones and bricks using machines and hand tools, and shaping bricks to fit irregular spaces
  • repairing and maintaining bricks, cement blocks and related structures
  • designing and cutting monumental masonry and lettering
  • constructing walls using stone slabs and large masonry slab blocks

Stonemason Pay in Australia

This is not an easy question to answer. A stonemason can work as an employee for a company, or they may be self-employed. The average annual wage of a self-employed person ranges from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the type of materials used and the area where they are working. For employees, salaries range from $30,000-$60,000 per year. Keep in mind that these figures are just averages created by gathering information about many different people’s salaries across the country. In addition, your salary will depend on your location and what kind of job you have with your employer or if you’re self-employed.

The average salary for a Stonemason is AU$60,790 per year (AU$30.15 per hour), which is AU$7,070 (-10%) lower than the national average salary in Australia.

A Stonemason can expect an average starting salary of AU of $41,899. However, the highest salaries can exceed AU$95,000.

The average stone mason gross salary in Melbourne, Australia, is $66,111 or an equivalent hourly rate of $32. This is 2% higher (+$1,134) than the average stone mason salary in Australia. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $1,825—salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Melbourne, Australia. An entry-level stonemason (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of $49,446. On the other end, a senior level stonemason (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of $80,232.

Like brick and block masons, Stonemasons use natural stones to build homes, sculptures, walkways, fences, and other structures. In the past, stonemasons were used to constructing many historical monuments still standing today (such as the Taj Mahal). Stonemasons most often learn their trade from a formal apprenticeship program. However, some trade schools do provide more in-depth one or two-year programs in masonry. In addition, other stonemasons have no formal training at all and simply learn their skills informally in their first few months of work.

A Stonemason will normally get a pay level of $28,310 and $75,690, depending on experience and education levels. They will normally get an average pay level of forty-eight thousand two hundred and ninety dollars per annum.

They can expect the most salary in New Jersey, where they can get compensation, on average, of close to about $69,590. However, these professionals receive the best pay in Construction, an average salary rate of $49,700.

The average salary for a Stonemason is AU$60,790 per year (AU$30.15 per hour), which is AU$7,070 (-10%) lower than the national average salary in Australia.

A Stonemason can expect an average starting salary of AU of $41,899. However, the highest salaries can exceed AU$95,000.

Employees with Stonemason in their job title in Brisbane, Queensland, earn an average of 7.0% more than the national average. These job titles also find higher than average salaries in Gold Coast, Queensland (5.8% more) and Geelong, Victoria (4.1% more). Conversely, the lowest salaries can be found in Sydney, New South Wales (4.2% less), Melbourne, Victoria (1.4% less) and Perth, Western Australia (0.9% less).

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much a stonemason earns in Australia. Of course, the most important factor is the location and size of the project, but there can also be differences between public or private projects. With these considerations in mind, it’s hard to give an exact number for how much they earn on average per year. However, you can get some idea by looking at their hourly wage – which varies depending on where they work and what kind of stone they’re working with (quartzite vs marble).

Factors Affecting The Salary 

Type of stone

Some of the types of stone that are commonly used for Construction are granite, marble, and sandstone. The prices of these stones vary due to their quality and availability. Of course, the more durable the material, the more expensive they are. Also, if the particular stone you want can only be purchased in certain places, be ready to spend on shipping costs as well.

Type of job

Stone is a versatile construction material. It can be used for retaining walls, fireplaces, building facades, and many more. The rates for these types of projects are different from one another. They don’t have the same difficulty level, so some jobs will take a lot more time to complete.

Project size

Bigger stonemasonry jobs naturally cost more than minor work since they require more time, tools, and materials. If you have a large project, you’ll also need more people to work on it. Although this will cost you more, hiring multiple workers is still a smarter choice than having just one to do all the tasks. It’s more practical as the project can be finished within a shorter period.

How Stone Masonry Varies From One State To Another?

New South Wales stonemasons have an average rate of around $57.50/hr. This is slightly higher than the average cost of stonework and masonry services in Western Australia, which sits at about $57/hr.

On the other hand, Victoria and Queensland have the lowest average prices for stonework at approximately $45/hr. Meanwhile, South Australian residents are paying an average rate of around $50/hr for the same type of service.

Working conditions

Stonemasons work both indoors in manufacturing workshops or factories and outdoors on residential, commercial and historical buildings. Stone workshops and factories are well-ventilated spaces. Stonemasons may be required to work at heights on scaffolding and are required to follow proper workplace safety standards, which minimises any associated risks. They may work overtime or on weekends, depending on the project requirements.

Tools and technologies

Stonemasons interpret blueprints to plan the materials required and use a range of equipment such as planning machines, gang saws, diamond circular saws and polishers to split, shape and polish stone products. They work from templates and use various chisels, punches and hammers to cut and carve ornamental masonry.

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How Do I Become One?

Education And Training

To become a stonemason, you usually need to undertake a stonemason (no monumental) or stonemason (with monumental) apprenticeship. The apprenticeships usually take 42 months to complete and are available as school-based apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships And Traineeships

As an apprentice or trainee, you enter into a formal training contract with an employer, enabling you to complete training towards a nationally recognised qualification. You spend time working and learning practical skills on the job, and you spend some time undertaking structured training with a registered training provider.

You can do an apprenticeship or traineeship if you are a school-leaver, re-entering the workforce or as an adult or mature-aged person wishing to change careers. You can even begin your apprenticeship or traineeship while you’re still at school.

If you are still at school, you can access an apprenticeship through your school. Talk to your school’s VET Coordinator to start your training now through VET in Schools. If you are no longer at school, you can apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship and get paid while learning and working.

Stonemasons are not usually paid hourly but instead by the project they complete and can earn anywhere from $100-200 per day on average, with some skilled workers earning more than that. This is due to their limited work as there aren’t enough projects for them out there. It’s important to note that these numbers won’t be accurate everywhere, so it would be best if someone were able to find specific data about wages in your area before making any assumptions.

At the end of our discussion, you should better understand how much a stonemason earns in Australia. We hope this article was helpful to you and that it has given you some ideas on what career path may be right for you. 

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